Highest quality wholesale blinds and shutters since 1998

Over 25 years ago, Peter Taylor and his now business partner, Tony Rost, were discussing the lack of reliable supply and quality products in the window furnishings industry.

The pair decided to combine their expertise and start a new business supplying high quality custom made window furnishings and components to local manufacturers and installers.

Since then, the business has grown to become one of the largest window furnishing wholesalers in the Asia Pacific region.

Pacific Wholesale Distributors

The key to the success of the business has been the company’s insistence on the highest quality materials and workmanship. While other importers may accept cheap blinds and shutters, and some manufacturers will cut corners for the sake of a few dollars extra profit, Peter and Tony understand that your customers demand quality for their homes.

You won’t find a more dependable supplier or a bigger range of quality products and in the end, that means happy customers and more repeat business for you.